World Conference AFROMADRID 2015 "Values ​​education for development, justice and recognition of Afro-Diaspora"

Next month June 2015, Madrid, Spain, will host the World Conference AFROMADRID 2015, the first global activity to be held under the Decenio Internacional de la Afrodescendencia declarado por la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas (resoluciones A/68/L.34 del 19 December 2013 y la A/68/237 del 29 December 2013) "African Descent: recognition, justice and development") que se celebrará de 2015 a 2024 and after various international conclaves precedents Honduras and Brazil.

Taking as its central theme "THE VALUES EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT, JUSTICE AND RECOGNITION OF THE PEOPLE OF AFRICAN DESCENT " AFRO MADRID 2015 is intended to, be High level event that drives these next 10 years of work (the 1 January 2015 to the 31 December 2024)and make visible the collective African descent encouraging the justice and recognition, fighting racial discrimination, promoting equity and driving multiculturalism since the creation of tools like education in human values and based Human Rights legislation and protection for victims.

Similarly, AFRO MADRID 2015 serve to identify agents of change of different types for actions carried out by the civil society and experts in the field are either welcomed and supported by governments. Without forgetting also allowing implement the Millennium Declaration and Programme of Action of Durban 2001.

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