"Racial discrimination undermines peace, safety, justice and social progress. That practice has been used as a weapon to generate fear and hatred and often leads to conflicts or wars. It is a violation of human rights which generates suffering and destroys the social fabric ". D. Ban Ki Moon , UN Secretary General (21/03/12).

Every day, racism and intolerance impede the progress of millions of people around the world and destroy lives and communities through various manifestations, depriving them of the fundamental principles of equality and promoting ethnic hatred that may lead to genocide. Education is a right that should be available to all children and youth of African descent and is an effective vehicle for justice.

For this reason our project is born "World Conference AFRO MADRID 2015'Being the focus "Values ​​education for development, justice and recognition of African descent and the African Diaspora ", with the objective that representatives of civil society, State Institutions and Organizations Internaciones (ONU, UNESCO, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, OAS, SEGIB, EUROPEAN UNION, AFRICAN UNION, CELAC, SICA, UNASUR, etc.), debate on this and related topics, and these desks out agreements and specific proposals for transforming education plans, to combat discrimination, defend equality and promote interaction in a society rich in cultural diversity.

"... Because some things are worth fighting ..."


Check out the video presentation of AFROMADRID 2015!

Video Presentation